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You are capable of more!

How do you measure your fitness? 

Is it the number of reps? or how heavy the weights? 

You are not doing fitness for the sake of fitness. It's how fitness helps you accomplish what you love.

You want to spend precious time that let you achieve incredible skills you never thought possible. To let you maximise your potential and reach beyond average.


We don't just care about fitness

We care about you.

Every body is unique and deserves the best experience to grow, to maximise your potential.

We care that you gain astonishing physical results and skills without compromising joint health and mobility.


How It Works

Beginners Foundation

Start immediately and learn the correct engagement, so that as you move on to Foundation Class, the awareness gained will allow you to progress faster.

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Group Classes

Feel ready to join our variety of group classes which focus on different elements of gymnastics?

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Still start with a trial class so you'd know what to expect.

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Personal Training

Our coach will design programs to suit your individual goals.

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Start with a fitness assessment. Start your journey with clear goals.

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Personal Training (PT)