We Are Dead Serious
About Our Fitness Program

Are you getting the results you want? Are you feeling bored with your fitness program?

Consider to join the Beginners Foundation classes.

These classes are designed for beginners to Gymnastic Fitness

without a huge commitment in costs and time. 

Key Features of Beginners Foundation Classes


If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing right. You are investing in your fitness and building a solid foundation is key to longevity. Spend the time to acquire the knowledge -- this is a lifelong journey to be fit and healthy.


No matter how strong you are, your joints must move well to reduce the risks of injuries. Agile movements come from strong and healthy joints, which are often ignored in fitness programs.

Time and Knowledge

There's no rush. You can do one or more classes per week. Time is given for understanding the basic principles of correct form, alignment and terminology. Eventually, you can progress to the regular classes.

Ready for a new
Fitness Progam?