Gym Classes

We have two types of group classes

  1. Regular group classes, comprising Foundation, Mobility, Handstand, Ring, Burn, Advanced, Tumbling and gymnastic Flow. To join these classes, a pre requisite is a group trial class or fitness assessment.
  2. Beginners Foundation. These are designed for beginners to gymnastic strength training. You can start immediately.


To build up the correct form and understand the basic movements of some gymnastic skills. The correct engagement of the body is crucial to developing good quality strength for Gymnastics and many other bodyweight skills.


Gymnastics training place huge load on our joints in a huge ROM. A good mobility and flexibility is also required to achieve the skills safely and efficiently.  Mobility class is designed to improve and maintain healthy joints in all angles preparing them  to more rigorous forms of conditioning related to gymnastics skills.


Develop a strong handstand which is very important in gymnastics, as it is the base for almost all other skills. It can be demonstrated as a standalone skill, or as a passing movement in many moves, such as - Press handstand, walkover, cartwheels etc.


Gymnastics place much emphasis on strength and power. The Burn class is catered to developing strength, power and endurance to sustain the ability of skill practice in gymnastics, which might be missed out in the foundation class due to their emphasis on proper form and technical correction.


Rings are great tools to build the ultimate upper body strength, if used correctly.  We’ll go through the preparation work required to build up strong joints needed to handle the demands of rings training. There will be simple rings routine that will greatly challenge you, yet showing you the necessary strength and mobility required for higher level rings work.


Here in this class, apparatus work will be taught. While foundation classes are the basis of understanding gymnastics movement, advance classes gives those conditioning work a purpose. Gymnastic is predominantely a power oriented sport, and being able to move weight in the shortest time is crucial . This class will teach you to control the strength you have build up to allow you to find rhythm within yourself.

Gymnastic Flow

Combining some floor conditioning and mobility work into sequence, Flow class will fine tune your fluidity of transiting from one move to the other!


In this class, basic rolls and entry level acrobatic skills will be learnt. Tumbling will build tremendous spatial awareness as a mix of power and softness have to work hand in hand. Tumbling develops agility, as the body have only that 'right' moment to tuck/extend/fold/open/close. Most importantly, being proficient in basic rolls when falling is very important in sports and daily life, as a good roll can prevent injuries, or at the very least, reduce the impact tremendously. By approaching tumbling systematically, we can gain confidence in all other sports.

Beginners Foundation

Focus here is to spend time to get the correct engagement, so that as you move on to Foundation Class, the awareness gained will allow you to progress faster. This class does not require Fitness Assessment. New clients can book straight away. Click here to book.

Foundation Class

A straddle planche progression with partners

Mobility Class

Jefferson Curl - a weighted mobility movement for the hamstrings


Parallel bar swing to handstand