Gymnastic Rings Singapore - The Class To Challenge Even The Strongest Athletes

We revere gymnasts performing on the gymnastic rings at the Olympics, especially when they get into the maltese or iron cross. That takes incredible strength and it's not for the ordinary adult. Yet, if you are willing to commit to prepare and condition your joints, some of the skills on the gymnastic rings e.g. back lever, front lever are achievable. 

There are hardly any classes teaching gymnastic rings in Singapore for adults. In the group classes, you will find different exercises to build resilient joints. This is fundamental to learning gymnastic rings skills without injuries.

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder strength is a given for gymnastic rings work - yet the type of training and volume of work in typical gym workouts are inadequate. Experience the shoulder workouts in the rings class and feel the difference.

Core Exercises strong is your core? New clients starting Gymnastic Fitness most often are dismayed how inadequate their core strength is. Not surprising as gymnastic based training are not accessible to them until now.

Shoulder Mobility

Mobility is crucial for ring work. Most adults lack shoulder mobility due to modern living and the attention paid in regular gym workouts. You will find mobility work in the beginning tough and boring(?) but the payoff is huge.

Arm Exercises

Practicing ring work demands full capacity of the arms -- shoulders, elbow joints and wrists. Any weakness in the chain e.g. shoulder impingement becomes very obvious when you start practicing with rings. The class will include forearm exercises, biceps workout, grip strength and many more.

Elbow Conditioning

Oft neglected joint when it comes to fitness training. The ability of the elbow joint to withstand the forces while practicing ring work is going to determine good practice or to increase the risk of injuries. Once elbow pain manifests, they may take weeks or even months to heal, something a fitness enthusiast abhors.

Compression Strength

 Compression strength refers to the capacity to bring the legs close to the body, against gravity. It takes strength and mobility in the hips and legs to achieve compression with straight legs and as close to the body as possible. Various leg exercises are included to build the requisite strength and mobility.

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