Handstand Class - Comprehensive Program For Adults

Wrist Prep

This is one area most people don't do when they start on handstands. Why do they think they can load the full bodyweight on their wrists without preparation? This is one of the most important steps in handstand - bullet proof the wrists.


Alignment Drills

As any high level gymnast or hand-balancer will tell you, performing a straight-body handstand requires hard-work, dedication, and a lot of patience. How do you progress to get that straight-body line? The handstand class will incorporate alignment drills that will challenge even the strongest athletes.


Shoulder Mobility

People have the capability to lift their arms overhead - shoulder flexion. Unfortunately with time, this range of motion is lost due to lack of use - how often do you lift your arms overhead in daily life? Full shoulder flexion is key to holding the handstand position - without the full bodyweight collapsing into the shoulder joint.


Kick Up

It is not anyhow kick up to the wall into handstand! The entry to handstand requires work too. Practice to achieve good form is efficient and elegant. Why waste unnecessary energy and sound like an elephant?


Shoulder Strength

Being able to hold a handstand gives a great clue on your strength and mobility of your shoulders. That's why learning handstand is important to gain staggering upper body strength. Members are taken through the various progressions by our experienced and knowledgeable coaches.



We teach and train handstands in true gymnastics fashion, achieving balance by keeping the shoulders open, core tight, and body aligned in one straight line. As such, you will need to consistently work on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders to make sure that they have both mobility and stability to hold this position.


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