Improve Flexibility - One Key Component Of Joint Mobility

Mobility is sometimes confused with flexibility. Mobility is defined as the ability of the joints to move freely, which means the joints move optimally without dysfunction.

Flexibility is increasing the length of the muscles and flexibility of joints in passive range, which in the context of Gymnastic Fitness is inadequate to learn advanced gymnastic skills.

In Mobility Prehab classes, we address the mobility of each joint - the 3 key components of Control, Flexibility and Strength.

In the regular group classes, most movements require multiple joints, and as each class has its' objectives of letting members practice the movements, there is insufficient time to delve into each joint mobility.

The Mobility Prehab class is thus constructed to complement the regular group classes, with time to equip members with knowledge of joint movements, understand their current limitations and how to address them.


Joint Range Of Motion

Movements occur because of the joints in our body. Each joint is designed with a range of motion for daily living and capable of many activities. However, over time, we lose our joints range of motion due to lack of movement and/or the same repetitive movement habits. The lack of range is what limits adults from improving their fitness skills and a leading cause of injuries.


Human movements are complex, why science has yet to perfect a robot to move like a human. Our ability to control the ranges of motion enables high skilled movements, without which such movements become dangerous, like falling gracefully out of handstand, instead of crashing (ouch!).


In our context, flexibility is passive range of motion. Most adults have stiff joints which have to be addressed. Loading stiff joints at end range of motions is very likely to incite injuries. Passive stretching are incorporated to increase length of muscles and to increase passive range of motion.


Improving joint strength takes time. It's the connective tissues that have to be strengthened. The connective tissues are the ligaments, tendons and soft tissues of the joints. One of the ways to strengthen joints is isometric contraction. You will learn about this method, and also how to use this method for rehab.

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