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26 August 2018

FREE Fitness Classes

10am to 4pm

Handstand basics

Learn the basics to getting your first freestanding handstand! We’ll guide you through the process of preparing your body to safely get into handstands through thorough joint preparation, strength and flexibility exercises, and some drills to get you on your hands and upside down.

Upper Body/Lower Body Mobility

Improve your flexibility and move pain free! Join us as we work on your mobility through joint articulation, stretching, and end range conditioning; all to help ‘bulletproof’ your joints to mitigate injury, and to be able to move with ease and efficiency.


Develop strength and control of your body through bodyweight movements! Whether you’re looking to learn a specific bodyweight skill, or just get stronger in general, our gymnastic style training will help you build a stronger body and improve your overall fitness.

Registration is required to attend the classes. A maximum of 2 class bookings is allowed per person.

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