Foundation Class - Strength Training Exercises

To build up the correct form and understand the basic movements of some gymnastic skills. The correct engagement of the body is crucial to developing good quality strength for Gymnastics and many other bodyweight skills.

front lever
Front Lever

New clients can instantly recognize and appreciate the insane strength required to do the front lever. It's one of the most effective abs exercise -- yet not accessible to the average gym goer if they have not been trained appropriately.

Rope Climb

Properly done, rope climb progressions will result in spectacular upper body development helpful in a wide array of physical pursuits. And not to overlook the importance of core exercises in rope climb.


IMG_20170901_114332 (1)
Straddle Planche

So what exactly is a straddle planche? First, a planche is a static position where you hold your body horizontally with your legs off the ground. There are many variations of a planche, including bent-arm, straight-arm, tuck, straddle, and full. This skill requires meticulous shoulder workouts and core strength.


Hollow Back Press

A movement that requires formidable upper body strength and core. Most adults who work out in mainstream gyms have yet to distinguish the power of maximising their time spent.


Side Lever

Side lever or human flag provides a unique training stimulus on the body: you are simultaneously pushing and pulling from the shoulders, and you are both stretching and strengthening your obliques. No other movement is quite like it, and many people have absolutely no idea where to even begin when considering how to train for Side Levers.



For beginners, manna is an unknown movement. Most adults have never been trained to do manna and will consider this impossible. But with proper progressions, especially with the arm muscles, the manna can be within reach of many hard working, healthy and dedicated trainees.


Single Leg Squat

The joints of your lower body need both stability and mobility in order to fully function athletically. The single leg squat is a good indicator of joint, muscle and mobility health. The leg exercises are programmed to challenge the most common position i.e. sitting in our daily lives.


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