Your Choice of Strength Training Workouts

The gym classes are organized into different elements to focus adequate time to strengthen and condition different parts of the body. Gymnastic skills are complex  and require full range of mobility in the joints. Unlike other sports like running, spinning the focus might be on the lower body, speed and endurance.

Gymnastics skills requires all the joints to function optimally - strength, endurance, mobility, power and agility. 

The gym classes are designed to train progressively and safely to become incredibly strong and mobile.

Beginners Foundation

Group Class Time Table

Time Table keke

The group classes are for members with current memberships:

  1. Monthly unlimited membership - for all classes*
  2. 10 group class package - for all classes except advanced
  3. 10 class beginners package - only for beginners foundation classes

*Advanced classes are upon invitation only

Overseas visitors - please contact us before you come. Casual drop ins will not be entertained.

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