It's Not The Usual Stretching Classes Singapore - It's Mobility!

Have you been to stretching classes or flexibility classes and yet still find yourself stiff? Then know the difference between flexibility and mobility.

Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable motion that one possesses. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively. 

Mobility has three elements - control, strength and flexibility. Gymnastic Fitness has many progressions to 'bullet proof' the joints - essential for demanding, high level gymnastics skills.

The mobility gym classes are organised such that all parts of the body are addressed to achieve both strength and flexibility.


A properly performed bridge is a one-stop shop cure for the modern desk warrior lifestyle. Bridge work performed in the correct manner can help undo stressors - all day sitting in front of a computer with poor posture: slumped shoulders, rounded back, and closed hips.


Hip Prehab

What is prehab? and why do you need it? In this class, there are specific prehabilitation exercises to target the lower body. Regular prehab would prevent our members from getting injured in the first place.


Front Split

Front splits do not come easy for adults with desk bound jobs. The front split progressions are designed to help you open up slowly and safely.


IMG_20170401_102629 (1)
Shoulder Prehab

Shoulder mobility is important for your health and fitness; shoulder problems are prevalent amongst adults and can be addressed by shoulder prehabilitation exercises.

Middle Split

The average gym-goer will look at someone stretching a straddle pancake position on the floor and think, “Wow, that’s extreme. Not for me!” They could not be more wrong. When a person struggles to do this, it's a strong indication the hips are not working properly. Hamstrings and hip flexors are way too tight.

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