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How to maximise my workout program each week?

You can attend as many gym classes per week - however do give time for your body to recover. Each person is different.

It's recommended you attend each type of gym class proportionately.

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Help us build and maintain a vibrant community! We need every member to be a team player and be mindful.

Book classes

in advance. Cancel if you can't attend, at least 6 hours in advance to avoid forfeiture of credits.

Small padlock

for the locker. Keep all personal items away from the training space. Only water bottle and towel allowed in the training space.

Be early

avoid disrupting the class and avoid injuries without warm up

Water bottle & towel

have them handy during training. You will sweat and the towel will be useful.

Keep mobile phone

in lockers. Give yourself the time to focus and be present. Lack of attention is a risk to getting injured.

Shower after

bring your own towel and toiletries

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